Cabins and camping



Our cabins are situated behind the main building where you find the reception and the café. All our cabins has wireless internett connection.

We also have two big houses to rent out, “Løo” and “Stovo”.

For more information and booking, please click on the number of each chosen cabin.

Cabin 1

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Cabin 2, 3, 4 and 5

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Cabin 6

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Cabin 7

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Cabin 8 and 9

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We have places with electricity for campers and caravans. You will find all the necessary facilities (toilets, showers, cooking possibilities, a washing machine and a tumble dryer) in the basement of the main building.

There is a TV-room in the café, and we also have internet access.


  • a camping car: NOK 135
  • a car and a caravan: NOK 145
  • a car and a tent: NOK 135
  • a motorbike and a tent: NOK 110
  • a car and one person: NOK 100
  • electricity per night: NOK 35
  • shower: coins of 10 and 20 kroner
  • washing machine: NOK 40 (4 x 10 kroner)
  • tumble dryer: NOK 40 (4 x 10 kroner)